What is a Short Sale? | Short Sale Information | El Paso, TX


In the current state of our economy, foreclosures have become a reality for too many homeowners.  The impact is far reaching and effects not only the family/homeowner, but also the community and the housing market.  Short sales are an option for troubled homeowners in order to prevent foreclosure and all the subsequent consequences.

In a short sale, the seller comes to an agreement with their mortgage lender to accept a payoff on the loan for less than the balance owed.  The bank will review the situation that has caused the homeowner to come to this decision and they must qualify by  providing proof of the economic hardship, have little or no equity in the property and must be past due on their mortgage payments.


As a qualified Realtor with training as a Certified Debt Resolution Specialist (CDRS), and Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), I can assist you with all the paperwork and negotiation with the bank.  I will have your best interests in mind and work hard to make this transaction as smoothe as possible. 


If you would like more information and find out if this type of transaction is for you, please call Marsie Prieto at 915-204-5384.



?In an effort to protect you from any predatory and unethical practices, the Federal Trade Commission has created this disclosure, which assures you of my role in representing you and your best interest and RE/MAX Real Estate Group''s policy to not charge any upfront fees for our services.   You can rest assured that any fees paid to us in representing you are?


?         Paid by your lender, in the form of a commission, from the proceeds generated from the sale of the property, and

?         Paid only upon the successful closing of the Short Sale.

?         If we do not get your home sold through the Short Sale process, you owe us nothing.?